Quick Clips–Life Outside

February Outside

Yesterday after lunch we had a chance to just walk around outside on our property with the kiddos and take stock…such a beautiful time!  The weather was gorgeous…just enough nip in the air to make long sleeves enjoyable.  We walked down to the bottom of our land to check on a few things and the kids and puppies had a blast…on the way back up, Walker found him a good climbing tree and got a few pointers from Papa and then we spent a little time around the playground and trampoline.  Don’t think working from home and living in the country will ever grow old!


Last week the kiddos and I met my sis & her little girl at a local indoor playground so they could play and we could do some wedding planning {hello air conditioned playground & free wi-fi!! can’t go wrong there!}…they had so much fun and so did we…an event we must definitely repeat in the very near future!  So fun to see them having so much fun together!  The air was cranked up in the playground and we froze while they had sweaty little heads from running around and climbing to the top of the play structure so many times…such fun memories!

MMM & a sneak peek

At church right now, KidSpring volunteers are reading through Proverbs together…I’ve been reading in The Message, and have enjoyed it tremendously.  I don’t read in The Message all the time, but enjoy the change-up in wording when I do and how God uses it to speak to me in different ways.  I’ve read Proverbs 3:5-6 a zillion times…in fact, it was one of the first verses I designed and it’s a great seller for us.  But the verbiage in The Message really grabbed my attention and I’ve come back to it multiple times now…so I thought it would be a great verse for today.  The kiddos {and thus Brad & me too} have been working on memorizing the verse they get at church each week {and have knocked my socks off, might I add!} – but we may tackle these 3 verses over a couple of weeks in the upcoming days.

B-004D Trust in the Lord MESSAGE

We’re offering it in both the staggered version shown above as well as a centered version – on sale this week for $17 or you can download a free pdf here.  Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I have!

PHG 001

And here’s a sneak peek at the pew we started working on last weekend – we’ll show more pics later this week.  Brad finished it up this past Friday and we were able to deliver it to Palmetto on Saturday.  It was longer than any of the furniture dollies, so our two “helpers” were weighing it down and keeping it from tipping over…they loved every minute of their ride and made life much easier at the same time…love it!  We were blown away {and so incredibly grateful} today when we got the call that it sold yesterday!  God is so good!

A Family Affair


A few weeks ago we picked up this gorgeous old church pew from Craig’s List…as much as it pains me to do so, as I know it would look fabulous on our screened-in-porch…we’re in the process of refinishing it to take to our local display space…this past weekend, we thought we’d get the whole family in on the act.  Walker & Cameo are always more than eager to “help” paint…

church pew

Can’t wait to reveal the finished product!

Friday Snippets


love – pure love – I’ve been cutting these babies almost daily and spreading them throughout the house.  if you haven’t done so already, I beg of you…go buy yourself a reblooming hydrangea!  Water it well – you will not be disappointed!


We’ve been super busy as of late, both with vinyl & sign orders and a few other projects we have up our sleeves in the shop…can’t wait to share more!



I’ve turned almost all of my current hydrangeas blue, but have had a few pink flowers come up this year…love, love, love

the kids & I are heading to my parents’ tomorrow to swim and I plan to pick lots of her pink blooms and bring them home to mix with my blues


The kids had tons of fun playing outside yesterday while we were working in the garage…they both ended up spraying themselves with water, so we let them strip down to their skivvies…so cute & so much fun!


I’m totally loving that they’re really enjoying playing together most of the time…so sweet!


4 year olds & soccer

Bailey's Bday 184

We signed Walker up for 4 & 5 year old soccer at the Y this spring…

Bailey's Bday 186

We knew it would be good for him to experience a “team” and to take direction from someone other than us

Bailey's Bday 210

He looks so into it here

Bailey's Bday 190

reality is more like the above

Bailey's Bday 217

or this one…his coach is so wonderfully patient and kind and did I mention patient?

thanks Coach!  we appreciate you more than you know!

Bailey's Bday 224

soccer star?  probably not…but the looks of glee and joy…

Bailey's Bday 272

they do make a mama’s heart overflow

Bailey's Bday 285

and this little girlie watching her brother…priceless

Bailey's Bday 158-1

love you Walker buddy – you’re our soccer star!

Easter 2011 Faves

Easter 025

Cameo with cousin Bailey

Easter 003

the girls – thanks Mimi for the beautiful “princess” dresses

Easter 007

Cannot believe this sweet boy ate cake with coconut on it!  score another food!

Easter 018

pure sweetness, lexa-pie

Easter 026

of course it was the sun in their eyes that kept us from getting 4 smiling faces…right?

Easter 064


Easter 044

All business!

Easter 072

this girl gathered eggs with such intensity!  W was never interested at her age!

Easter 105

ooh…David and Luke played with Walker like never before…the “horsey” was delighted

Easter 111

and they were mostly a blur…a laughing, giggling blur

Easter 130

Walker getting Grandpa to stick his finger in the birdhouse…an oldie but goodie! {the birdhouse, not Gpa!}

Easter 131

what a face!

Easter 038

love these sweet moments…even if he is half trying to get her!

Hard Work


don’t you know, it’s hard work being 4!

happy Friday!

10 on 3-10-2011

Ten on Ten: Take a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month. Document a day of your life and find beauty among the ordinary moments.

I have been intending to do this for months now thanks to Julie…and have taken pics…that still sit in a sad folder on the computer…not again…who cares that it’s the 16th before I get them posted?071

the morning started with a glorious smoothie courtesy of my new best friend…seriously…I have wanted one of these for years now…had opportunity several years back to buy one from an acquaintance for $100 but they didn’t know what they had, so we steered them towards ebay where they sold it for a pile more…sad for me…happy for them…finally got the hook-up a few weeks back…woo hoo!


then it was time to move on to shipping…love seeing packages fly out of here…love free carrier pickup!


then it was on to errand day…and we were caught up enough that I got to go too…a definite treat!  the car amusement of choice right now is the duck “brella”


we had a long list, so we were in the car for ages…and several stops only Brad got out so the kiddos and I turned up VeggieTales and sang along – Cameo loves “I’m a little sheep”


then my current fave for lunch – they have yummy sushi {read shrimp tempura} on their bar, and it’s almost all I eat – love it!  and BOGO 1/2 off doesn’t hurt either…


Cameo got pigtails along the way


they didn’t last long

finally home for a *late* naptime…suddenly the crib is en vogue again…as long as she has ALL of her babies, blankets and the dinosaur book


jammies are a rest-time requirement for W even though sleep rarely happens…many of his naps end up with him hanging out with me downstairs…


Cameo was happy to find grapes when she woke up…the girl could eat her weight in grapes!


they kept her busy while I started dinner – yumm!  parm crusted chicken – a recipe well worth trying – it’s one of our new faves!

Halloween Pics

Suffice it to say, after 2 days of celebrating and halloween festivals…a lot of fun was had by all…

without further adieu, “Piii-let” and McQueen’s “Pit Crew”

  084 043





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