Cutest bug in the world!

Walker has been having a ball looking out the windows and shouting to the outside world this morning...I have the windows up because I got hot drinking chai with my breakfast and he has been enjoying every minute of it! I do think he would stay outside all the time if you could/would let him!
I have been wanting to stitch this tee out for Walker for AGES now, and finally found the right fabric, and then had to find the right tee...and then had to get around to it! LOL Then of course this morning he had no desire to model for me - boys will be boys, right?

On a bright note, I think all traces of the virus are gone. We're officially 24 hours past any upchucking and he is as happy and playful as can be...well, except for the fact that he desperately wants to get to my keyboard, which as he gets taller and taller and more and more determinted is getting more and more difficult to keep away from him!

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