Back on the Exercise Bandwagon...

As many of you know, Brad and I started dieting and exercising back in April and both of us lost 15+ pounds...we took Walker's jogging stroller on vacation with us and continued to exercise there. Then we came home....NOTHING. Getting out of the habit of going to the Y killed my exercise routine. So this past weekend, while trying on blue jeans - YIKES - I decided it was time...time to get BACK on the BANDWAGON. So I decided my goal for this week was to go to the Y 3 days this week...and that got off to a good start on Monday. I DO NOT want to go today, but alas, am getting ready to slip into my workout gear and head out momentarily. I have also decided to post my progress an effort to hold myself accountable and make the progress I know my body needs! So I encourage you...think it're welcome to jump on board any time you want...just don't wait til you're ready, because we all know that day NEVER comes!!


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