Two Little Cuties!

Last night Mimi & Pop came for supper and brought Cousin 'Lexa with them...the babies had so much fun playing...sometimes together, sometimes separate and sometimes trying to get the other one out of the way! Of course, both of them are now way too old, and way too cool to pose for pictures...there's way too much other fun to be had! Both of them wanted to be in my lap, until I handed the camera to Brad and he attempted to take our picture...all interest was lost!

What is Mimi saying up there?

And then there was the wooden spoon...

As Mimi told Walker to watch out, we all realized she probably should watch out! LOL

And Walker gets it back...multiple items were passed around like this all night long.

Pretty dinosaur...

Playing with Mimi in the den after supper

Both babies enjoyed the caterpillar last night...

Oh Walker...did I hurt your feelings when I pushed you out of the way so I could ride the caterpillar? More ridin' to do!

Fun with Pop

And the basket...Walker introduced Alexa to my basket that he LOVES to play in! She seemed to enjoy it pretty well too! They both climbed in and out and in.....and out............and in again.

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