Happy Belated Easter!

We have had a GREAT Easter weekend! I'm only going to upload a few pics today because I'm in a hurry, but will try to post more throughout the week.

Walker only slept about 20 mins (maybe) on the way from church to lunch...he was still a rather sleepy boy at this point.
We tried for a family pic...guess who WASN'T interested...
Walker really wasn't very interested in eggs early on....he was way happier just running around enjoying being outside. Occasionally he would carry a basket with him, and even picked up 1 or 2 eggs without much coaxing.
MiMi helped point out several eggs before the bigger boys found them.
Oh yeah...I did have a basket.
Walker and Alexa studying their treasure.

Walker LOVED climbing Aunt Marian & Uncle Phil's hills covered in pine needles...at one point he was headed around the flower bed on the grass and then stopped in his tracks, rerouted himself through the pine needles and took off with glee. I think it was the combo of the hill and the pine needles that he loved so much! He didn't mind sliding around at all!At this point, Luke and his Grandpa started throwing eggs in front of Walker to see if he was interested...some he would pick up, others he would just charge right by. Luke seemed to get a kick out of it.

Always looking for sunglasses...unless you put his pair on him...then he can't get them off fast enough!

When it was time to clean up and put the eggs up, while Aunt Sylvia was rounding up more eggs, Walker somehow ended up with a big stash all to himself...

Can you see where this is going???

Oh yeah...ALL BOY!

He loved the hinged eggs...don't know if those are new this year, or I just haven't seen them til now, but as he loves opening and closing anything that will cooperate, he loved loved loved those eggs!

Alexa got interested and came on over....so did a bunch of adults, who helped "clean up" - I think the babies would have been content to play for awhile longer! LOL Have a great week - I'll try to continue pics of the day later!