Well today has definitely been a Monday. Brad and I were up early this morning - one of our guys was supposed to be here around 6:30 to unload a truck and then run sand & mortar to a soon became evident that he was at least late, and possibly wasn't going to show up at all. Brad went on and got ready and loaded sand and mortar in his truck and then he picked me up and we rode into Gville together...very reminiscent of our early days starting the business (Walker was at MaMa's house, so don't anybody think that we were being negligent parents!) Today was supposed to be this guy's first day back at work after being out last week, when he didn't feel well...we wanted to believe the best in him...really we did, it's just we've seen this type of behavior way too often. We tried calling - NOTHING. And the more we thought about it, we began to realize he had probably quit. Which in and of itself isn't terrible, but then you start to think about the company cell phone that he has...and the company credit card, which he has for I said UGH. Sure enough, as soon as I got back to the office, I checked online, and 7 unauthorized charges have shown up as "temporary" on our business account. Won't know what all that looks like til tomorrow or the next day when they fully post.

The human side of me wants to say WHY IS HE BEING SUCH A JERK??? but at the same time, my heart hurts for him...he has had alcohol struggles in the past, and has been sober since we've known him. He actually quit a different job because he was having to work long hours out of town and said that he was having to miss too many of his meetings and knew that would spell trouble for him. We both tend to believe that he fell off the wagon this past weekend, leading to this rash of disgraceful behavior. So anyway...all of this to say...if you think of him...say a prayer. We both have to believe that when he sobers up (if he did fall off the wagon) he will be mortified.

So enough of that...just needed to vent a little.