Cookie Monster?

So it's been a long week and truth be told last night we just needed a break...I've been craving some cookies so after dinner we decided to go for it and bake some. We've been rather strict with Walker's sweets intake...we don't give him a whole lot. In fact, out of all his Easter candy, I think he actually got to eat 2 or 3 bites. Anyway, last night as soon as we started baking, it was like he'd been down this road a million times and knew just what was coming next. As soon as the first pan came out of the oven he started begging for one...and we just couldn't resist! Today we've had to literally hide them because if he sees the bag on the counter he immediately starts pointing and asking...ladies and gentlemen, I hope a few cookies haven't created a monster!

WalkerJodi3 Comments