Umm, no thank you!

We've been working to get some yard work done this project of which was to get hanging baskets that we bought 3 years ago planted and hung...FINALLY! I've got a big outdoor container that I keep potting soil in that we keep up next to the house, so as I started getting ready to plant the baskets, I started to move it a little closer to the porch and saw

something moving in the looked like the tail of a snake. I quickly yelled to Brad that I thought I had seen a snake and to grab a shovel and come kill it...he brought Walker to me, changed shoes (as he had on flip flops) and started moving the leaves around with a shovel...I just knew the snake was long gone, but in rooting through the leaves, suddenly we saw it. It wasn't very big...and Brad was able to decapitate it, but it made our skin crawl nonetheless. You can see the majority of the snake in the picture...I think it was pretty much only the snake's head that is missing...we're guessing that it was a rather young snake, which begs the the mama (and/or siblings) still around? I certainly hope not! We don't let Walker play outside by himself, we're always quite close by, but certainly don't want him walking up on a snake. We may need to be looking through the paper for a good outside cat...or maybe a pet black snake! LOL