WFMW - Smooth Start to Your Day

To any of you moms who have it all together...this post is probably not for you - let's face just don't need it! In fact, if you keep reading, by the end you will probably think...DUH!?! - where's the big tip here??? But I was thinking, last night and this morning, what my tip for this week would be...and drawing a big, fat blank! But then I thought...what is it that makes my days smoother, easier and much more pleasant? It's doing just what I did this morning...


Okay, I know...this really isn't rocket science, but let's face it...we've all had days when that just didn't happen...days when you had the best of intentions and then life happened. I remember just after having my little boy talking with another mom of a newborn and her being shocked that I'd actually had a shower every day. Now granted, they weren't all first thing in the morning, but they did happen. As he's gotten older (now 19 mos) there are days when my dear husband gets up and goes on to work and I get to spend a few extra moments in bed that are then interrupted with Walker waking up...which then introduces chaos to my day. Let's face it...he needs to have his diaper changed and breakfast and then suddenly you're thrown into the midst of your day. I'm a stay-at-home/work-from-home mom, so there's always something that *needs* to be done...before I realize it, it's 11 AM, I still haven't had a shower, so I'm wearing my pjs, sweats, etc, and realize, I just don't "feel great". There's something about being dressed, ready to greet the world, and having shoes on that just makes you feel good about yourself. And while you don't have to "dress up" - don't just throw sweats on either...wear something that makes you feel good about yourself...put on makeup, if you so choose, and put yoru shoes on! Shoes are definitely empowering! (Thank you FlyLady!)

I have finally realized that if instead of indulging my ever-present desire to spend "just a few" more minutes in bed (that can turn into hours, if W continues sleeping) - if I'll just hop up when my hubby gets up or at least as he's leaving, my day is much nicer. I'm able to get a head-start on what I need to do before Walker ever wakes up. I can get my shower, get dressed, and be ready to go. (And, if it's one of those mornings when he wakes up way earlier than I had hoped, at least I'm not as far behind as I could have been!) And then on those days when DH calls and needs me to leave and bring something to him ASAP (we have our own business and those things happen from time to time) - I'm ready to walk out the door with no problem - it feels great!

So like I said....this one isn't rocket science, but it definitely works for me! Head on over to Rocks in My Dryer for other great WFMW ideas!

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