Sorry it's been awhile...

Life has been a *little* on the hectic side lately, and I haven't had time to post much, but hope to be back in the saddle again! :) One of the reasons life has been crazy is that Brad and I managed to steal away to Charleston this past weekend for some much needed R&R - we tried to do as much prep work ahead of time so that things would go smoothly while we were gone, but of course, both jobs we were on turned out to have some issues going on, and my sweet DH ended up on the phone more of vacation than he would have liked, but we both have said it's at least a start! I'm including a few pics of our trip - we really didn't take many, as pics are much cuter when there's a little fella around! LOL I've also included various Walker pics from the past couple of weeks - hope you enjoy!

Us on the dinner cruise we took in the Charleston Harbor - great fun!

Pics as the sun was setting in the harbor - it was so beautiful!!

And on to what you're really here for...

Walker recently has become very interested in our vacuum cleaner - we also have a little mini floor sweeper that we keep in the kitchen - last night Brad got it out to sweep up a few crumbs from supper and W decided he needed to give it a try.

I'm usually the one snapping the pics, so when W came over and sat down in my lap last night after vacuuming I quickly (and gladly) handed Brad the camera...he was able to get a few cute shots - yea! Why is it that we moms (or dads in some fams) always are the ones with no pics of us and the babies???

I just love seeing him play with his blocks!!

And there's no doubt about it - in addition to loving playing outside in general, the boy does love a slide!
Saying hello from the tree house window.
See what I mean?
And last, but not least, one Mother's Day pic with my fella - we tried for several that day and this was as good as it got, but much better than the first attempts! I figure something is better than nothing! :)

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