Behind again...

but what else is new? I finally picked up my laptop late today from the computer their defense, the hard drive that they installed back in February was was still under warranty, but that meant they had to send it off to the west coast and then had to wait for them to send the TAKES A LONG TIME!!! Anyway...all of that has had me behind on all things computer. But, I realized tonight that I had downloaded some pics a few weeks ago that I hadn't yet shared on the blog. We all went over to Grandpa and Grace's one night for pizza and to hang out a few days after Grace got home from her surgery. The babies were cute, cute, cute...just like they always are! Hope you'll enjoy a few pics! (I somehow managed to change the upload settings half-way through this post, thus the pics are scattered all about...sorry! I just don't have the umph pah to go back and re-upload them tonight...enjoy!)

We had pizza for supper, and *somebody* wanted none of it, UNTIL Aunt Autumn walked out the door holding a piece (she intended for herself) - Walker then suddenly developed QUITE the interest and took it out of her hand and started working on it.

Then Alexa saw it and before we all knew it, it was *her* pizza! LOL

Oh - got it back again!
LOVE it!

What a sweet cousin!

I just love sleeping young'un pics...what a cutie pie!

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