Things I Love Thursday - Blooms

Blooms, blooms and more blooms - the more the better, is my motto! Hydrangeas have become one of my absolute favorites...when we moved to our new place back in Aug 2005, I started to dream of big, beautiful hydrangeas. That year, I planted a few, albeit not in the best location for them...a little too much afternoon & learn. They've never flourished so I finally got around to moving them this year, but I digress! Then the next year, I planted 5 more on the side of our house...they grew a little, but not a whole lot...not many blooms. Then last year, we had a late cold snap (freeze) in April, and it never even occurred to me to cover my beloved hydrangeas. They all got zapped - one so badly that it didn't make it. The others were okay, but blooms were few and far between. However, this year...they are making my heart sing for joy! I have always wanted big beautiful hydrangeas, just like these, but never dreamed I would have them this quickly. So exciting. Just last weekend, we finally put a timer-based drip-soaker hose on them, so even though they get a good bit of sun too, with a little bit of water love, they're handling it beautifully.

But here's the main thing I love - these are "Endless Summer" Hydrangeas - that means they don't just bloom on old growth (as traditional hydrangeas do), but on new growth too! They cost a little bit more initially, but to me, they're well worth the extra outlay of $$. I'd rather pay a little more in the beginning and then get a much bigger enjoyment pay-off!

Hydrangeas color can also be manipulated based on the pH of your soil. Our soil produces pink blooms, but I LOVE blue, so I've been steadily covering the soil around my beauties with peat moss. This year, I can begin to see the pay-off. Some of the blooms area beautiful, pale pink, while others are a pinky-purpley-bluish combination. Hydrangeas also make excellent cut flowers (they dry well too) - and with so many blooms on a bush and the knowledge that they'll keep on blooming, cutting them isn't quite so sad! LOVE it!
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