Happy Birthday Walker!!

My oh my how my little baby has grown - in honor of his 2nd birthday, today, I thought a little trip down memory lane was in order...
Walker evidently didn't want to come out and join the world, because he as 9 days overdue and only appeared then because I was induced. We got to the hospital about 6 that morning and he was born at 9:13 that night - that child was just happy where he was!

We don't have many pictures from the night of, imagine us...being exhausted!...but this is a favorite of mine with Brad holding him the next morning.

Brad and I both love this pic...he was sitting in my lap in the hospital bed and I was burping him - our parents (most vocally my daddy) hate it...both Brad and I, however, were both smitten and in love with this cute little fella!

What a delightful surprise when I got to go home - a hand-made cradle by my daddy. Always will be a precious and treasured gift! W looked so tiny laying in it!

And those hands...love those little hands!

Alas - a year has passed...he's standing...toddling around, beginning to walk...

grinning like crazy - our boy has always been a smiley boy...

getting into anything he can - the boy does love to explore!

and enjoying the cake his Papa (Brad) baked for him on his first birthday!

And here we are 2 years later - man oh man - where did the time go? Suddenly he's a big boy!

totally in love with the 'bobtat' (and any other tractor-like machine, for that matter)

semi-interested in a turtle we found while working in the yard...

very interested in a rake and how it works

wishing he could be outside 24-7 - oh yes - the boy is an outside boy!

It is so hard to believe that 2 years ago, I was lying in a hospital bed, waiting for the arrival of this precious little boy. Brad and I always knew we wanted children, but never had any idea of the true joy and love that Walker would bring into our lives. We are truly blessed beyond measure. God has gifted us immeasurably with Walk-Walk.

So today, little bug, we want you to know how much Mama and Papa love you - that you have changed our lives forever and much for the better...we love seeing you grow and learn...trying new things and succeeding. We are constantly amazed by your ability to learn and how eager you are to do it. While we would love to hear "bussi-roe" (buffalo) and "op-ti-pus" (octopus) and "YEE (pause) haaww" (yee-haw) forever...I know we won't. So we'll treasure these precious memories now, along with all the others you've given us and look forward to every day that God gives us with you.

We love you!!
Mama & Papa

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