Returning my bedroom to a refuge

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

So I decided to get with it today and accomplish a few things that have just needed to be done for awhile!!! The 'Tackle it Tuesday' idea is that by encouraging folks to blog about housework or other things that just need to be done, it might give us that extra umph to get with it! It certainly has worked for me today!

Hi - my name is Jodi and I am a clutter bug - sad, but true...and definitely something I'm trying to work on, but definitely a work in progress! I have a few spots in our house that turn into raging hot spots (to borrow a Flylady term) in a heartbeat...2 of them are in our bedroom my jewelry armoire & a chair. Last week I started taking things out of the closet that don't fit my now pregnant body...folded them neatly...and stopped right there.

I am happy to report that those areas are now free of clothing, toys and other miscellaneous stuff and are instead ready to be used for their intended purposes! Brad will be so delighted when he gets home. Moreover, all of my clothes have been neatly packed into my plastic boxes and are now ready to go into our storage room - woo hoo!

So while I was in this productive little "project mode" - I thought about a few long neglected plants scattered about the house. These 2 drive Brad crazy because they are on a shelf in our bathroom and hang over onto the bar where he hangs his towel to dry. Oops!

This poor guy - while at first glance seems fine - look closer...

he's still in the tiny pot he came in, balanced on a 5 oz. dixie cup, sitting in the nice, pretty pot - and has been that way for too many months to even begin to count. Embarassing!

As expected, these 2 guys were root bound beyond belief and quit lopsided from their neglect & poor placement in the bathroom - now repotted and ready for a new home in the house, hopefuly they'll perk up and start looking better!

And this one looks so much better already, just having some dirt in the pot! I know the plant will also be infinitely more happy, as the little pot it was stuck in didn't hold much dirt, and dried out almost daily, leading to several leaves never even having a chance. I'm betting in no time at all this one will also look a lot healthier!

Definitely a nice feeling to have both of those little projects wrapped up and taken care of! So how about you...any projects that you need to take a few minutes and just knock out? I'd love to hear about them! For more tackling inspiration, head on over to Tackle It Tuesday and take a look around!