Baby News & Walker's 2 Year Checkup

Sorry for the slowness in getting this post out...there's been lots going on lately, and posting is lower on the priority list in order to continue to work to Get Things Done!!! However, I did finally manage to change my blog template last week in anticipation of letting the world know that in January 2009 we will have a sweet baby girl make her apperance in the world! My due date is Jan 15th, and if she follows Walker's lead, who knows when she'll be born! :) (He was 9 days late and I was induced at that!) We'll see :)

We also went in for Walker's 2 year check-up last week - he's always been low in the weight percentiles (usually around 20th% or so) - he's now up to 28.09 pounds, which bumped him to the 52nd% - I've never been super concerned about his weight, but it's certainly nice to know the percentile is going up and not down! He's 36 inches tall - which puts him in the 88th% - about where he's always been. I love that he is growing and healthy and his doctor is pleased. And, barring any major sickness this year, other than a flu shot in a few weeks, he isn't due for a check-up again until he's 3! Woo hoo!

On another positive note, we've had great family time and a lot of fun lately - Brad and I are continuing to make progress on some of the changes we desire to make both personally and in the business. We were up at 5 this morning (though somewhat begrudgingly) to go to the Y - we are both on a quest to exercise more and live more healthfully. To help me out, I'm going to try posting my exercise days on my sidebar - hopefully it will provide some much needed encouragement and accountability! I do love that although we're now in our 30s we're both continuing to evaluate our lives and to try to be the best stewards of what God has given us and make changes when need be. Some areas, we're really doing well in - others, not so much - but we're working together as a team to conquer those, and together, I really do believe we can do anything! How about you - anything you need some accountability & encouragement with this week? Hope you have a great week!
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