CLR Tackle

This is a before shot of our shower door this morning - I put Walker behind it to help illustrate how cloudy it was.

After using the CLR Bath & Kitchen spray to clean the door - look - now you can not only see through the door, you can see clearly enough to see the bottles sitting on the shelf in the shower! I was really pleased with the way that the CLR cleaned the door - the lime build-up was definitely much easier to remove using it. It's still not 100% perfect, but that is largely due to the fact that a 2 year old was trying to open the shower door and get in the entire time I was doing the cleaning! I'm hoping to get to give it a once-over again this weekend when Brad is around to help corral the Walk-man....or better yet, maybe he'll be willing to do it when I can keep W occupied...I have no doubt, that it will finish knocking out the job. After seeing the cleaning power of CLR Bath & Kitchen, I know that we'll continue to use it around our house.

My only real beef with this product is that it is much harsher than any of the cleaners I normally use. You're instructed to wear gloves while cleaning - that is definitely something new for me. It was also a bit difficult to clean the inside of the shower doors while avoiding any contact with the cleaner. Using it on a kitchen sink, or other exposed item would definitely be easier than shower doors - but that was what I had that really needed to be cleaned! Thanks CLR for giving me the opportunity to try out your product - definitely earns a thumbs up in my book!

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