What makes exercise work for you?

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I make no bones about it - I'm not a HUGE exercise fan. I've always had friends who were...friends who reveled in it, seemed to truly enjoy it and couldn't wait for more. Folks - that just IS NOT ME! I have always said that the only way to get me to run was if a bear was chasing me...and then I'd think about it! LOL

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We go through spells around here of exercising consistently and then something seems to happen. Last year we did really great - in April, we both started going to the Y regularly and watching our diets....and we both lost weight....and were very dedicated....even took the jogging stroller and walked most every morning of vacation (last year) and then when we got back home, we crashed and burned. Ugh! The especially bad part is I was starting to get some real muscle definition and just gave it all up!

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We've recently been talking more about exercise and the need for it, and Brad, who had then been going to the Y almost daily for 2 weeks asked me - "What would make exercise work for you?" Hmmm....now that was a great question! As I pondered it, I really couldn't come up with any one great answer other than I let a lot of excuses get in my way...

  • it took too much time to go to the Y
  • W didn't enjoy staying in the nursery and would cry when I left him
  • I had other "stuff" to do
  • I didn't enjoy it
  • blah, blah, blah

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I agreed that I definitely needed to get back with it, and made the decision to get started the next day. I've also given thought to what could make exercise more positive for me...

  • have music I like on my ipod
  • pack a bag the night before
  • use Brad's going as a challenge for me
  • put a list in my blog sidebar
  • be accountable to Brad for going/not going
  • strive towards 4 days of exercise a week

and then I found one that motivates me most:

  • have podcasts I enjoy on my ipod

I know - again - not rocket science...but I'm somewhat "music-ed out" days, and don't have anything else just calling my name. But there is some great Christian teaching out there that I love to hear, I'm just often not by a radio at the right time each day to hear it...but downloading the podcasts is easy and free - and it really works to keep me motivated! In fact, I'm looking forward to finishing a podcast today that I started tomorrow, and that will help make sure that I get to the Y!

Paddling her way to fitness
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So how about you - what's standing in the way of you and exercise? What would make exercise work for you? Are you ready to get started living a healthier life? Jump in - it's never too late!