A little behind on Halloween

Where does the time go? Lately downloading, sorting and publishing Walker pics just seems to take so much time - I keep meaning to be more diligent on the weekends, but so far that hasn't happened! Hope you'll enjoy the long overdue W & A pics from our fall festival adventure Halloween night!

Walker was dying to slide, and thankfully Papa was gracious enough to carry him to the top (twice) - the first time with MaMa (Brad's mom) sliding with him, and then a second time when I felt a little left out and "needed" to slide too...Walker was more than happy to oblige me with a 2nd trip to the top! :)

That boy does love a slide!

He thoroughly enjoyed the bouncy toy!

We were so tickled that they had pony rides - we knew Alexa would eat it up, but Walker tends to be rather timid at times, so I was really concerned that he might balk when it was his turn. There was also a "mini petting zoo" set up with a very friendly sheep, Shetland pony and little goat right beside the pony rides. While the mamas stood in line, Walker & Lexa (with various chaperones depending on the moment) circled the petting enclosure and got acquainted with the animals. I totally believe that is what gave W the confidence and comfort level to ride the pony - and I was so thrilled - they were so cute!

Alexa the bumblebee on her pony - she couldn't make up her mind at first which pony she wanted to ride - luckily W wasn't picky LOL

Both costumes were adorable - I was especially tickled with W's because he is so into giraffe right now and I found this one, in his perfect size at a consignment sale for $4 - can't beat that!

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