Birthday Party Fun

Several weeks ago we went to a birthday party for the 2 kids of friends of ours - Walker had a ball. He loved sitting in the jeep - I figured the battery must be dead (bc the older kids drove them all around in circles until pretty much all the batteries gave out), however when I hit the pedal for him, it started to move. He wasn't quite as sure about that - the motion was a little too jerky for him - not long after that one of the older kids climbed in and started driving, leaving him as the passenger and he loved that - a much smoother ride than his choppy stop & go driving!

Always a fan of a slide!

He loved this little car and we both thought he looked so cute in it - unfortunately the pedals were way out at the front and his cute little legs just wouldn't reach - Papa made it go for him for a bit, but that wasn't much fun for Papa! This pregnant girl was happy to be behind the camera! :)

We were a little surprised, but W loved going after the pinata - in fact, after taking several good swings and then another couple kids taking a turn, he managed to grab the bat and give it a 2nd go. Hard to explain to a 2 year old that it isn't his turn anymore!

W was off playing when cake was first served - while all the other kids were still occupied with the pinata, he meandered over to the kids' table & started devouring several half eaten pieces of cake. I quickly cut him a piece, which he ate, then a 2nd piece - evidently that just wasn't enough, as the other kids' pieces still got quite a bit of attention!

And then wouldn't you know - 10 or so minutes later, he ate a good bit of Brad's piece of cake!

Definitely a great party - thanks Zach and Thomas for letting us celebrate with you!

That's it for today, folks - sleep tight!

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