Christmas Giveaway Alert

Christmas Giveaway Gifts 240x240

As I've been reading along, I've run across several great giveaways (both current & ongoing) right now and wanted to pass the word along! 5 Minutes for Mom is hosting an entire Christmas Giveaway Event with 25+ giveaways during the month of November. If you don't already subscribe to their feed, go over and check them out - they will do individual posts throughout the month for each individual contest - you can also check out this post for both the contest rules and an updated list of all the contests they add as they get added (you have to scroll down to the very end to see the list...) Now on to some other great looking giveaways!

I will have to admit (and anyone who knows me can further attest) - I've never been super into fashion...part of it is that I'm fairly frugal and just can't see spending tons of $$ for clothes, quality or not. I have been trying to upgrade my image a bit lately, however, and for whatever reason would love to have a pair of red heels (probably too many episodes of 'What Not to Wear'!) - my feet, however, love comfort, so my shoes must also be tres comfy! When I ran across a giveaway for these new High Fashion Crocs, my heart melted...until I saw the pricetag! Yikes - $150 for a pair of heels? $250 for a pair of boots? Not looking likely in my immediate future, however they are beautiful to look at! so that I will enjoy! If you'd like to see the rest of the line, head on over to the You by Crocs website and take a look around - they do have some summer selections on sale (I'm personally hoping that these babies make it to the next seasonal sale! LOL) Better yet - maybe I'll win a pair or maybe it'll be you! Kailani is hosting a giveaway for two pairs and 5 Minutes for Mom has a giveaway for 2 more going. Believe you me - I'm entering both! :)
I am definitely a bit of a tech junkie - I love looking around in office stores, love seeing the new gadgets people are talking about. This Epson looks fantastic! I don't think I've actually ever had an Epson, but believe you me...if I won this guy, I would definitely give them a try! SimpleMom has been given one to give away - so if you're up for a little printer fun...head on over and jump in this giveaway as well! I can't even remember the last time I printed photos (sorry MiMi & MaMa, maybe ya'll should enter for me as well?? LOL) - but having a nifty printer at home that could turn out high quality ones should certainly help, right?

So there you go - a few lovely giveaways going on! Of course, I'd love to win any of these, but if it can't be me...maybe it can be you! So go - go enter now! And enjoy some giveaway magic leading up to the Christmas season!