Christmas Planning - 5 Weeks & Counting

Christmas tree
Photo by tanakawho

Just over 5 weeks to Christmas - last week flew by and I didn't get much of anything Christmas-y done. Brad has been stuck on a jobsite for the past two weeks so that has greatly impacted the flow of things both here on the homefront & in the office. I have big plans for today & this week, however - and hope to get a lot accomplished!

Christmas Accomplishments

  • gift list made - several gifts purchased
  • holiday budget tweaked
  • purchased replacement Christmas tree lights (that we unfortunately did need) LOL
  • purchased gift cards & World Vision gifts on Christmas list
  • moved Trigger downstairs
  • work on Christmas card list - finally (though it will probably still have some tweaks!)
  • tree up - burnt out lights replaced
  • gather Christmas craft supplies - partial
  • transfer Christmas Club $$ into Savings Account so that it doesn't get mixed into regular spending
  • get recipe for Fruit Cake cookies from MaMa
  • check wrapping supplies
  • design Christmas tee for W & A - both planned

Christmas Goals 11/17 -11/23

  • gather Christmas craft/wrapping - still need to hit a few more places
  • keep an eye on Craig's List for one possible present - still looking!
  • make major progress on Christmas dish towels
  • sew W & A Christmas tees
  • try Christmas pic
  • buy Christmas stamps

Thinking Forward

  • think through decorations - where to hang garland
  • think through Christmas "schedule"

As Thanksgiving approaches, are you redirecting your holiday energy to turkey day and away from Christmas, or are you balancing between the 2? Let me know how you're doing!

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