Giveaway Alert

Tsh over at SimpleMom is hosting a fabulous giveaway for all kinds of reusable bags - the one pictured at the left is from B. Happybags and definitely caught my eye! How chic & adorable at the same time! Any of you who know me (and I mean really know me) probably know that I'm not the most green person on the planet. For one thing...I struggle with clutter MAJORLY - the unfortunate truth for me (at this time) is that sometimes it's better to throw it away and get it out of my house & life rather than to try to hang on & reuse everything I encounter (which is, by nature, my packrat-self)...if I could keep all those goodies organized, it probably wouldn't be a problem...but I digress! If you're looking for reusable bags (and I have been giving it some thought lately) - SimpleMom is showcasing a myriad of choices - definitely a great resource if you're heading this direction already and a great encouragement for those of us who are thinking about it!

Kailani over at Island Life is hosting a great giveaway for these adorable growth charts from Olive Kids! There are so many cute ones to choose from! I don't know about you, but I had great plans of getting started early on keeping track of Walker's growth on some kind of chart, door - something. I can remember my grandparents marking a wall at their house when we were growing up for all of us grandkids - seems so precious! But as it is prone to do, time marches on - W is now over 2 and measured 36" at his 2 year check-up and still no marking has been done. I'd love to win this giveaway, but if I don't, may have to give some serious thought to buying one anyway, as it's time to get busy recording his progress! Make sure you head over and check it out when you get a minute!