Removing the Eyesore - TT

My husband and I were talking about housework a few weeks ago, and my lack of affinity for it...and he said...I think you need to post pics on your blog more often of your problem spots...does he know me or what? I didn't say much and he then accused me of not thinking it was a good idea because it came from him...I was like - oh's too good of an idea...and I know that it will help hold me accountable, I'm just not sure I want that much accountability! LOL

So here we are...this has got to be one of the worst resident hot spots in my house. I don't know what happens...I determine that I will keep all the junk off, and before you know it - it's covered again, and I'm the one who did the covering! Ugh..

In order to help keep the process moving along, and me on track, I decided to use my handy-dandy timer and see how quickly I could work. I started with 15 mins...and by the time it went off, the baker's rack was mostly cleaned off and ready to go, except for the piles of misc stuff then sitting on my kitchen I reset it and continued to work...

And was able to finish in great fashion with almost 5 mins left...and - no piles lingering in other places in my house - I think I truly managed to deal with everything on it, and moved it to the place it belongs (and threw away a bunch of junk!)

Voila -now if I can just manage to be disciplined and keep it this way...I'll have to do some periodic update photos just to keep me on my toes! If you've got housework (or any other project) that needs to get done - just tackle it, blog it & then head over to 5minutesformoms and link up your post - I don't know about you, but in some areas, I need all the encouragement I can get! Happy Tuesday!

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