Christmas Planning - 2 Weeks & Counting

Another Christmas Present!
Photo by Mannequin-

Even though I've been preparing for Christmas for weeks now, I continue to be amazed at how quickly the time has flown! We've really been enjoying our Christmas decorations this past week and I feel like the benefits of planning are really beginning to show! Brad and I spent a little time looking around this weekend for a few Christmas odds and ends and neither of us could believe how relaxed we felt...must continue to stay on track with planning next year!

Christmas Goals 12/8 -12/14

  • still struggling with my dish towels...have moved on to plan B, hope to get some work done there this week, though I'm not holding my breath ;)
  • buy Christmas stamps - I evidently have a mental block with the PO right now
  • print Christmas card labels
  • print Christmas cards & mail
  • one last order

Thinking Forward

  • think about decorations I'd like to change up/add next year, make list so I can watch before/after Christmas sales - I had wanted to add some garland this year, but have decided that project would add more stress than I would I've got it in mind for next year...we also would like to add some berries or berry garland to our tree, and while we found some we like, at $15 for a 4 ft strand, we're just not willing to pay we'll keep our eyes open, and maybe find some for next year after the holidays!

Christmas Accomplishments

  • gift list made - several gifts purchased
  • holiday budget tweaked
  • purchased replacement Christmas tree lights (that we unfortunately did need) LOL
  • purchased gift cards & World Vision gifts on Christmas list
  • moved Trigger downstairs
  • work on Christmas card list - finally (though it will probably still have some tweaks!)
  • tree up - burnt out lights replaced (and replaced & replaced)
  • gather Christmas craft supplies - partial
  • transfer Christmas Club $$ into Savings Account so that it doesn't get mixed into regular spending
  • get recipe for Fruit Cake cookies from MaMa
  • check wrapping supplies
  • design Christmas tee for W & A - stitched and done!
  • one possible Christmas pic - may try again this week...not sure yet
  • tree decorated, stockings hung
  • found present I was looking for on Craig's List @ Sam's on mega clearance - woo hoo!
  • outside decorations up
  • wrapping in progress - I only have 1 thing that we have purchased not wrapped - yea!

Hope your Christmas plan is coming together nicely - remember, it's never too late to get started!! And if you're not as far along as you'd like...check out a few posts on Small Notebook - there's one on simpler gift-giving and Christmas without the Frenzy. It's way too easy to get caught up in somebody else's idea of the perfect holiday - while Dec 25th will be here before we all know it, don't let it stress you out. Relax, destress & enjoy - don't let the hustle & bustle destroy your Christmas!