Christmas Planning - 3 Weeks & Counting

Happy December everyone! Can you believe that it's here and that 2008 is almost gone? Blowing my mind! We made some great Christmas progress here at our house this past week...things are feeling very relaxed and I'm not stressing at all! Hope your Christmas plans are coming along nicely - Enjoy!!

Christmas Goals 12/1 -12/7

  • gather Christmas craft/wrapping - still need to hit a few more places
  • make major progress on Christmas dish towels - didn't make it on this one; may have to punt!
  • buy Christmas stamps
  • put up outside Christmas decorations - had hoped to do it over the weekend, but it was too wet & rainy (& cold) to even try
  • start wrapping
  • print Christmas card labels

Thinking Forward

  • think through Christmas "schedule"

Christmas Accomplishments

  • gift list made - several gifts purchased
  • holiday budget tweaked
  • purchased replacement Christmas tree lights (that we unfortunately did need) LOL
  • purchased gift cards & World Vision gifts on Christmas list
  • moved Trigger downstairs
  • work on Christmas card list - finally (though it will probably still have some tweaks!)
  • tree up - burnt out lights replaced
  • gather Christmas craft supplies - partial
  • transfer Christmas Club $$ into Savings Account so that it doesn't get mixed into regular spending
  • get recipe for Fruit Cake cookies from MaMa
  • check wrapping supplies
  • design Christmas tee for W & A - stitched and done!
  • one possible Christmas pic - may try again this week...not sure yet
  • tree decorated, stockings hung
  • found present I was looking for on Craig's List @ Sam's on mega clearance - woo hoo!

Got so distracted with Thanksgiving thoughts last week when I was doing my post that I totally forgot to include decorating our tree...thankfully, though, we didn't forget in real time! We pulled out the decorations over the weekend...spent some *more* time locating some burnt out bulbs that were causing a few strand outages on our tree...and got decorated. I'm enjoying the tree with decorations so much - love it! Have a wonderful & productive week!

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