Crawling Back Out

This week at our house has been a little rough...W came down with a stomach bug over the weekend and was finally back to normal on Tuesday...then Weds morning, Brad & I both got hit with the same thing...not pretty! One of the worst parts, for me, was seeing so much of the progress I've made around the house erode while we were both feeling so rough. I was definitely disappointed! But, we were starting to feel better yesterday, so I did a little picking up, though nothing seemed to really make a BIG difference...

This morning I got up a little discouraged, but then found the most wonderful nugget of encouragement over at SimpleMom...if you haven't already visited her today - STOP - go now and read this post - it was such a blessing to me today! What a great reminder that I'm right where I want to be, and that I'm the one who can turn our home into our haven. So I jumped in...

The kitchen isn't perfect, but it's a far cry better than where it started! I've done several loads of laundry and put a bunch of "stuff" away (where it needed to be already)...& some of it was out because of the yucks of the past week, and some...just out for no good reason.

As I've made some progress this morning, it's occurred to me, that if we hadn't already been making good progress, our house would have looked *much worse* after a few days of sick, so realizing that it wasn't too, too bad was a great encouragement to me! I realized too, that payroll happened on time, our weekly tax deposit got made & my Etsy order went out - all in all, it could have been a much, much worse week!

And I still have a long way to desk is an absolute wreck! But, I'm taking joy in the little bits of progress along the way and am determined to persevere!

So wherever you are today...whatever your circumstances...remember, your attitude (and your surroundings) flow from you! If you don't like them...hop on in and work on changing them! I am a procrastinating, clutter-bug with perfectionist tendencies by nature. That leads to a house that doesn't get the attention it needs because..."I'll do it tomorrow" or "it's my stuff...I can't get rid of it" or "I don't have time to do it perfectly, so why get started?" These attitudes have paralyzed me for far too long and it's just plain time for it to change! I'm not expecting overnight success, and I'm sure the birth of baby girl will bring additional challenges into the mix, but I do believe that change can and will happen around here, and that is a very wonderful thought!

How about you - what's holding you back from making your home the haven you want it to be?

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