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I've been feeling it for awhile now...the desire, the need to be more diligent with reading. Growing up, I was always a book fiend - you couldn't tear me away from a great book. The introduction to mommydom has greatly diminished my time for reading and thus, it has unfortunately fallen by the wayside! I've heard Dave Ramsey say more than once that most millionaires read at least one non-fiction book a month - seems like a great practice to me!

I've been greatly inspired by Ginger, who has 2 kiddos and an amazing list of books read in 2008. I told Brad a month or so ago that I was thinking of challenging myself to read 18 books (predominantly non-fiction) in 2009 - 12 didn't quite sound like enough, and 24 sounded like it might just be too much...and then SimpleMom announced she was starting a book club for 2009! I was super excited, as I know this will be a great form of accountability for me as well as provide a great start to my own reading challenge! You can find the reading list here - I've already been wanting to read a couple of these, and the others look right up my alley as well.

How about you - do you often get the chance to spend time with a good book? Any great recommendations you'd like to throw out for me?

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