Planning for next year while you're decorating this year...

So just a quick thought - but as you're unpacking your Christmas decorations this year and beginning to enjoy them...think through anything you might be missing...and then put it on your list to keep an eye out for, especially during close-to-Christmas sales & after-Christmas sales. Until last year, we've never had a "real" Christmas tree skirt...we either couldn't find one that we liked, or they were more expensive than we were okay we'd always used a piece of inexpensive Christmas fabric draped around the base of the tree. It was okay...but just okay. Then last year, close to Christmas, we went to Home Depot and ended up looking through their Christmas goodies (which were very picked over)...and wouldn't you know, there was a great tree skirt at a great price. We used it such a short amount of time last year that I couldn't even remember what it looked like, and had almost forgotten we bought it - when I pulled it out over the weekend, I was delightfully surprised and loved it just as much as I did when we bought it last year. Woo hoo!

I'm loving the idea of doing a Jesse Tree with Walker next year, which utilizes ornaments that have OT significance...I'm hoping to be able to find some of those after Christmas this year so that I'll have a jump on next year! So keep in mind where you might have a few holes in your decorations and use the after-Christmas sales to fill in those gaps - much better than paying full retail price!!!

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