Progress at Last!

I went in Tuesday for my weekly dr's visit - and not surprising at all, nothing much had happened since I was there last week. 40 weeks & 5 days and baby girl's arrival didn't look any more promising than before! So, we talked over the options and I reluctantly scheduled an induction for Monday, the 26th. Walker was 9 days over when he was induced, and this would put baby girl @ 11 days over...anything past that and I'd have to start going in for daily testing that would be both costly & extremely time consuming. As much as I have longed for this pregnancy to have a natural start to labor, I also don't want to selfishly wait for that and put baby girl in any danger! All in all, I was happy with the plan.

Enter today - this morning did a few things around the house, went to the Y and exercised, grabbed lunch & then headed to Wal-Mart. While talking to a friend we ran into, I realized I wasn't feeling so back had started to ache a bit, and I just felt a little bit funky. A little while later, I had a pain that almost stopped me in my was at that moment that I realized I might be having contractions. WOW!

When I got to the hospital when Walker was induced, they told me I was having contractions, but I couldn't feel them at all. Day by day, it's been a bit nervewracking to know that while this is my 2nd pregnancy, I've never experienced labor starting naturally...and to constantly wonder if I would "get it" or not or if I would even get that option.

As the next couple of hours progressed, it became quite evident that labor had indeed commenced...contractions are roughly 10 mins apart, and they have been growing in for now, we're just waiting...watching the clock...timing contractions...working through the pain...awaiting the arrival of our precious baby girl!

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