The Big Day?!? Maybe, Maybe Not...

Could today be the big day? maybe, maybe not...I have to confess, I'm not holding my breath! I'm a procrastinator by nature, and seems like my body just falls right in line when it's time to have babies!

This is me with newly born Walker back in 2006 - let me tell you, that boy was stubborn! He was 9 days overdue, at which point I was induced...not my first choice, but as a first-time mom, I also didn't want to do anything that might compromise his health & well-being, so I caved @ 9. We showed up at the hospital around 5:30 or so that morning and they got everything started...he was born after 9 PM - I told you he was stubborn (I know...just like his Mama)!

Today will definitely be given to lots of thought about all-things-baby! It is so amazing to know that I have this miracle inside of me and that sometime in the next days we will be able to hold her and revel in the miracle that she is! I am so excited to see how God orchestrates everything in the coming days. With Walker's birth, there was no question at all that He was behind everything...from the doctors on down to the nurses, I simply had the perfect ones!

So today (and until...), I'm not going to drag around waiting, waiting, waiting...I'm going to continue to try to be diligent in taking care of my family, crossing a few more things off my never-ending list - enjoying some time one-on-one with Walker & Brad too, and just continue to prepare for our little sweetheart! We'll keep you posted! And if you'd like to keep up "real-time", feel free to follow me on long as we get decent phone reception @ the hospital, we'll probably tweet some updates along the way!

Edited to add - you can also follow my sis on Twitter @alchristopher as she'll definitely be giving updates too! :)

Enjoy your day!

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