Tuesday Tidbits

In an effort to keep my 2009 goals in front of me & stay on track with them, I thought I'd share a few tidbits along the way that are helping keep me focused! I won't necessarily post on this subject every week, but just as things come to mind on my journey!

In honor of my exercise & eat more healthfully goal - keep & maintain a fruit bowl! So many of us always saw a bowl of fruit sitting on our grandmothers' counters growing up - we've started doing the same. If the fruit gets into the fridge (at our house at least), it will come out weeks later, not eaten & now not worth eating! We've started being more diligent about buying fruit and keeping it out in plain sight - where it's an easy snack to pick up and eat at home and also easy to grab heading out the door.

Right now we're really in to navel oranges & Fuji apples - both found at Sam's and both super delicious! We also buy bananas from time to time, but they seem to turn brown almost within a day of entering our doors, regardless of how green they were when we bought them. I'd love to hear any tricks any of you have on keeping bananas around longer!

How about you - any tidbits you can share that are helping you keep on track for your 2009 goals?

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