What's a girl to do?

Not surprisingly, baby girl still has yet to make her entrance into the world...so what's a girl (and hubby) to do? Work on those goals, I say!

Cooking & cleaning are unfortunately not two of my fortes...after an impromptu breakfast at the new Einstein Bagels near our house this morning, Brad and I decided to give our bathroom a detail cleaning. We systematically took the bathroom apart and made it sparkle. Woo hoo!

This past week, in trying to further prepare for baby girl's arrival, we made a meal list and bought the ingredients we didn't have on hand to carry it out. We'd hoped to get some cooking done during the week and just never found the time - so this afternoon we headed into the kitchen for a marathon cooking session.

We're not big on leftovers, so we made the decision to cook several different meals, divide them into smaller batches and stock up our freezer. We've long talked about cooking in this fashion, but have never taken the time to do it. I have to say, it was a great experience! We started out boiling chicken breasts (for chicken & dumplings) and then moved on to making a beautiful homemade sauce for lasagna. After putting the lasagna together, we had some leftover sauce that Brad turned into a baked spaghetti. Then we put together some chicken & stuffing casseroles. All told we ended up with:

  • chicken & dumplings - 2 meals
  • lasagna - 3 meals
  • baked spaghetti - 1 meal
  • chicken & stuffing - 3 meals

Our freezer is now well stocked, and working together went so well that I can almost guarantee we'll do this again! It definitely felt great to make some further forward progress as we continue on with baby watch!

How about you - have you ever tried any batch cooking? What recipes have you found that freeze well? We'd love to know!

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