This morning Walker decided Cameron needed her paci back - he doesn't quite have enough finesse just yet to easily get it back in her mouth, but it was so cute seeing him try to help her!

And then when she's not in the swing, he likes to help himself...

Mama with baby C.

Mama & Daddy & Alexa & Autumn came over for supper tonight - W & A play so well together. They played one of Walker's favorite games to play with Brad 'horsey'...Alexa was not a very compliant horsey.

Walker loves being led around...

They had a blast! A couple of videos for your viewing pleasure...Cameron enjoying some time on her tummy & then A&W playing with the dump trucks...too much fun! Enjoy!!

Tummy Time from Jodi on Vimeo.

W, A & the Dump Trucks from Jodi on Vimeo.