snow - yeah, not really

I just love these little striped pants I found for Cameron at a consignment sale awhile back - thought her onesie matched perfectly...she wasn't in the mood for a photo shoot, she just wouldn't look at the camera!

Walker has picked up Cameron's paci several times and has always either given it back to her or to us, but for some reason the other day he decided he needed it. Brad got a big kick out of it and we both enjoyed it while we were getting him ready to go. When it was time to wash the paci off and head out the door, though, W was none too happy about having to give it up. Since then, he hasn't shown any more interest, so it will be interesting to see how it goes from here!

I just loved these 2 pics - Brad wasn't crazy about either, but I though they were just too cute!

Showing off her new Easter bunny.

Having a good time with Papa in the kitchen. I absolutely adore it when she makes faces like these!

Love that little hand and those long fingers!

Disappointingly, we got almost no snow...which is so odd, as lots of people close to us got 6+ inches...alas, TR just seemed to get passed over. We maybe got 1 whole inch...we took W out to play while C slept - all he wanted to do was swing.

He had on a new little pair of boots that I bought at Weecyle last fall - when we first got out in the snow he kept saying "my new shoes" - he seemed to be worried that they were getting a little snow on them. It was so cute! You can see here how pitiful our snow coverage was - just walking in the front yard uncovered the grass...oh well - maybe another day!