Catching Up...Again

Blogging continues to be a lesser priority of late, but I'm A-OK with that...spending lots of good, quality time with my babies (& Brad) & enjoying life - doesn't get better than that! I did want to post a few pics, though...mostly of the kiddos, as I'm definitely behind there...

Walker got "Big Loader" for Christmas - I will have to post more on it soon - he is OH SO IN LOVE with it...
A hold over from the Simple Mom Spring Clean - the before of my bathroom cabinet - yikes!
And after - much, much better...why didn't I do this before? Walker was watching me clean it out, and looked at both my fingernail polish remover & the bottle of rubbing alcohol & thought they were water & said as much when asking for a drink...I promptly pulled out my Mr. Yuk stickers and we had a quick lesson on who he was & to not touch those bottles (or any others with those stickers) & to always ask me if he wanted something to drink. It was a great reminder to me of how important poison safety is! I keep that cabinet locked with a childproof lock, though I'm sure I slip occasionally and leave it undone - but this was a fabulous reminder for me & will keep me on my toes with that lock. If you haven't done it already - stop and send away for your FREE Mr. Yuk stickers now!!!

My sweet one of her favorite sleeping spots...

she was cheezin' it after a nap.
Walker is so in love with the "meet the...letters, shapes, numbers, colors & sight words" by Preschool Prep Company - definitely a great purchase!

I can hardly believe that baby C is old enough for a Bumbo - 2 more days and she'll be 4 months old...oh how time flies!

Love, love, love it!
Have a great night!