All Aboard the Name Train

I'm a rather industrious person and love trying new things.  I feel like with enough time and research I can learn to do just about anything.  Well almost.... don't think I'll be doing anything nuclear, playing with chemicals (hated chemistry), or any sort of artsy options (much more mathematical and analytically minded).  To me most issues are resolved to puzzles.  How can I resolve this situation or conquer this item?  I'm sure a lot of you approach life in much the same way.

Anyway, one of the ways we've chosen to support our quality lifestyle is to be self-employed.  We have multiple businesses that each take up a different amount of time from week to week.  These businesses are involved in commercial construction (main co.), rental properties, custom embroidery, and custom vinyl applications/decals.  Jodi primarily runs the embroidery business and we've decided to make a run at the vinyl business together - its still in the infancy stage.

In general when you're self-employed you're everything to everyone.  Lots of days I get a butt-chewing from a project superintendent (most likely for something I personally had nothing to do with, but someone's got to take the fall), a shoulder to cry on for an employee, I bring the hammer down on a supplier or employee that's not pulling their weight, a teacher of how to do things properly, receptionist, floor cleaner, accountant, lawyer, doctor (thank goodness this doesn't happen much), engineer..... you get the point.  I'm sure a lot of mom's feel the same way running a household.  I don't say as much as I should but my wife does an excellent job running our house and I'm sure she feels as pushed and pulled as I do lots of days.

Back to being self-employed...

Right now the construction industry is rough.... really rough.  By rough I mean, there's very little work going on.  We have a couple of jobs that help pay the bills, but we're going to make a run at building up the vinyl business in the meantime.  Hey, you do what you have to do to make ends meet right?    Anyway, we've been playing with a new design that is a train pulling a child's name.  Each letter of the name is a different animal and its way cool - or "super cute" if you're my wife.

This is our first sale on the vinyl site for this design. I'll cut this design tomorrow and send it out to our customer (thank you if you're reading this). We love developing new designs and thinking through the various applications for vinyl decals. Let us know if you have any suggestions for us. Two heads are better than one. We'll keep you posted on what we think are any special designs. We're keeping a running list of new design ideas, but only have a few listed on the Etsy store at this time. It'll grow.

Waiting for you on the Back 40…