He Did it for Love

I cut the grass yesterday.  It takes forever - usually about 4 hours.  So, while working I listen to my ipod.  I've loaded it with a lot of albums, mostly Christian rock/metal, and listen away to songs I maybe haven't heard in a long while.  So, yesterday, I'm listening away and a Third Day song titled "Carry My Cross" comes on.  I've heard it before, many times in fact, but this time one line just killed me.


So I carry my cross

and I carry the shame

to the end of the road

through the struggle and pain.

And I do it for love.

No, it won't be in vain.

Yes, I carry my cross and I carry the shame.

(click here for all the lyrics)

You see this song is written from the vantage point of Jesus. I've heard the song so many times before and I've never internalized that line before. To think that the God of the universe, the only God was willing to give himself for me is truly unimaginable. It always blows me away to really think about that. Here's the crazy part – I generally think of Jesus as having a destiny or a purpose that He came to fulfill. That's true, but He subjected himself not out of duty, but out of love. He loved me so much that He was willing to give His life in exchange for my sin. He gave a perfect, limitless, spotless, unlimited life to willingly die for my dirty ways. Crazy.

He died for you too and He did it for love.

Waiting for you on the Back 40…