Live Within Your Harvest

Hello all!  The whole idea behind this blog is to live a simpler, contented, and more fulfilled life.  Sounds easy right? Yeah right.  How do you deal with issues like wanting that new car that just came out, the latest and greatest flat-panel tv, going on that killer vacation, chasing that next promotion.....  see what I mean?  These are not the enemy of contentment, but the always chasing "the next" whatever is and it kills life in the process.  Our hope is that through our struggles and experience we can lend a forum to discussing a simple, yet full life.

Simple doesn't have to mean boring.  I think simple means easier. What's the point in chasing after things that don't matter?  Stephen Covey wrote in "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" that all too often we are consumed with productivity not effectiveness.  You can work towards being more productive, but if you're doing the wrong things it didn't get you any further ahead.

So, here's the point.  At this site we're going to explore the idea of living a full life and the mechanism is living simply and with intention.

In the future we'll outline our family, our business, our beliefs, and our goals.  We will share our life with you and we hope you share your life with us as well.

Waiting for you on the back 40...