Review - Fearless by Max Lucado

I thoroughly enjoyed Fearless by Max Lucado - I am thankful that I am not a person who lives a life crippled by fear, but like most everyone, fearful thoughts do cross my mind from time to time. Lucado addresses 13 different common fears and brings to light what the Bible says in each regard. I feel like this book would be a wonderful resource to pass on to friends & family as they cope with a mother of 2, Chapter 5 - My Child is in Danger, Fear of Not Protecting My Kids particularly resonates as I know it would with many of my friends who are also parents. If you have children, particularly young children, I whole-heartedly recommend this book for you.

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I have seen some reviews that complain that the book is not deep enough, or doesn't give specific steps for tackling the end of the day - Jesus says - Fear not, I am with you always...the only real answer is simple belief in Christ (and that's not always so simple, which incidentally Lucado addresses). Lucado consistently points back to the Bible and Christ as the answer...and in my opinion, those are the only "steps" that matter.

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