give thanks

I've been following along on the 31 days to a better dressed nest over at Nesting Place...and on Day 5, Nester said to paint something.  I've been wanting to do some kind of furniture painting project for awhile now, but just haven't found the right I decided to paint a sign instead...I've seen much great inspiration around the blogosphere, and this was just the oomph-pah my procrastinating self needed! We had some leftover scraps from our deck-to-screened-in-porch remodel...Brad was sweet enough to grab one and spray paint it white for me when he was out in the garage doing something else, so it was the perfect canvas.  I played around with a couple of different fonts that I liked and came up with this:


It's not perfect, but I absolutely adore it!  And in no time flat, the perfect place in my kitchen window practically begged me to put it there.  I see it constantly when I'm in our kitchen & eating area & every time it makes me smile -  it is such a great reminder for me!  For more great DIY projects...head on over to Kimba's!