Procrastinator's Party - Sign me up!


Most unfortunately, I have the procrastinator gene x two - it is definitely one of my biggest character flaws.  Along with that, perfectionism is a further contributor...I have a long way to go, but I am working to overcome both of these traits...on that note, I decided to jump in and join Melissa's Procrastinator's Party.

I've chosen 1 main project and two smaller projects...hopefully I didn't bite off more than I can chew!  1st up - we bought this lovely glider back in 2005 when we were building this house...we paid $40 for it at a yard sale and almost as soon as we left we worried that we'd paid too much.  When we got pregnant with Walker and started seeing how much gliders go for, we felt we'd gotten a steal.  The cushion is terribly ugly and while I've always meant to recover's just never happened.


Next up...mistreatments...I started playing around in our kitchen weeks...maybe months ago...finally came up with a plan...bought the curtain rods...and we've never gotten them up...they're definitely on the list!


And then we have Cameo's mom made these cute valances for her windows and then we put up room darkening shades which help her sleep tremendously...I thought of a little project awhile back, but have yet to make it happen - the procrastinator's party will be just the ticket to get me started!


How about you?  Anything you're procrastinating on?  There's still time to link up and join the party!  Now I just have to get busy so I have progress, I mean completed projects, to show on Oct 20!  Happy decorating!

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