Fun at the Fall Festival

PA300079Walker, aka Bob the Builder {who obviously wouldn't wear his hard hat to play...everybody knows that!} rode a ginormous horse for one quick turn around the "pony" rides...he wasn't so sure of the size of the horse and the horse (while it was only 20 mins into the festival) wasn't too keen on being ridden.  He had his eyes on the jumpies the entire time! PA300084

They had a *fabulous* obstacle jumpie that W fell in love with and played on time & time fact, we had to drag him off of it when it was time to leave...famous last words..."one more time..."PA300088

Cameo was a sweet pea...probably the most observant sweet pea ever...she definitely loved taking it all in!PA300091

Here's W on another jumpy - this one had a slide and it took him no time at all to master climbing up & then coming down the slide.


Besides the jumpies, W loved lots of the carnival games...he is into balls big time right now and wanted to play every game where he could possibly throw a ball.


Here he is wondering where the balls went after he got some through the hole.

PA300102When he played one game early on, the guy running it tried to give him some candy, which Brad said he didn't need...he just wanted to throw the ball.  Later, just before we left, W played one more throwing game, and the guys running it switched out just before he started...when his turn was over, the guy from before when he didn't get candy said "here you go" and handed him this dinosaur...we were all amazed, as we hadn't seen any other big prizes up until that point...Cameo was quite enthralled.

While we didn't have the best weather, it drizzled off and on the entire time, Walker had TONS of fun & it was so amazing to see how quickly he took to the obstacle jumpy...they had a similar one last year and we didn't even let him get on it, because it just seemed too big.  I'd say that was probably one of his favorite parts this year...can't wait til Cameo can get on all the jumpies and play with him!