Christmas in review

IMG_0407IMG_0216IMG_0387 IMG_0215 IMG_0384 We had a fabulous Christmas season – we decorated slowly and in spurts here & there…our big tree didn’t make it up until a few days before Christmas, but we’ve enjoyed it all tremendously nonetheless!  Walker at 3 years and 3 months is old enough to really start getting it and to enjoy each and every part of it.  He has loved the “decorations” – we have 5 trees up throughout the house…in addition to our big one, I robbed the 2 I usually keep on our front porch and put them inside just off the kitchen where we could enjoy them much more…we picked up another small one on clearance at Target and put it in our bedroom and found another {that I absolutely adore} with colored ball lights on it at Lowes.  The lights have been so fun & festive & have been enjoyed by all.

Walker has been super interested in our nativity sets…most poignantly Baby Jesus…he loves looking at the nativities and seeing the baby.  He loves talking about Baby Jesus…born in the manger and the star in the sky.  When we came home from church on Christmas Eve, he then kept talking about Jesus “the Savior of the World”…momentarily He became the “squirrelled of the world” in the car, but thankfully that didn’t last for long…we’re now back to the Savior of the World.  Mimi & Pop gave him the Little People nativity for Christmas and he has been having so much fun being able to play with it.

Cameron enjoyed the lights, pulling as many ornaments as possible off of the tree & ripping into the paper on Christmas morning.  Aunt Sylvia gave Walker an oversized jingle bell to hang on the tree and Cameo has LOVED carrying it around, jingling it into everything she sees.  It has been such a blessing to have her here with us this year – it’s so hard to remember that this time last year we were awaiting her arrival – oh how the time flies!

IMG_0409IMG_0344 IMG_0397

As 2009 draws to a close, we are so incredibly grateful for how richly God has blessed our precious family of 4…it has been an action packed year with many changes for our family.  We welcomed Cameo on January 21st…our construction business slowed down tremendously, yet God has provided immeasurably more than we could ever have imagined…in May we tried a new path and started selling vinyl wall decals…in August we completed one of our long-term goals long before we ever imagined possible…in November we took vinyls one step farther and decided to start making signs to sell at our local holiday fair…our Etsy shop has hit 99 sales in 2009…our children are healthy & happy…we are blessed.  I thank God for all He has entrusted us with and can’t wait to see where He takes us in the coming year.  Thanks be to God, great things He hath done!