Do you {force}ythia


Photo by GHOSH

We’ve lived in 3 houses since we’ve been married and we’ve been fortunate enough for two of them to have forsythia bushes.  I’ve long heard that forsythia was easy to force indoors…one of the earliest plants you can have bloom indoors…even in the winter.  And every year I remember that right about the time I notice a plethora of tiny yellow blooms…in my yard…UGH!

This year, however, I am breaking that cycle…a few weeks ago I remembered to head out to my forsythia and check for buds…they were there, so I trimmed a handful of branches which I then brought inside and plunked into a pitcher on my kitchen counter…and then crossed my fingers and waited.

IMG_1456IMG_1457 IMG_1455 IMG_1454

After about a week, the buds began to show yellow.


And now…the blooms are really opening up.  I LOVE it!  So if you have a forsythia bush & it’s not blooming, it’s not too late…cut a few branches and you can soon be enjoying blooms inside too!


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