Goal #1 - Reading through the Bible in 90 Days

B90-Read-Along-with-meLast year I decided to make 2009 Goals instead of New Year's Resolutions...I haven't fine-tuned my goals for 2010 completely, but #1 is ready to go.  When I heard about folks reading the Bible through in 90 days last fall - I thought it was awesome...but our fall was so jam packed, I knew there was no way I could participate. I heard folks talking about it again on Twitter at the end of '09 and after much thought...I decided this was a great decision for me.  I knew that in order to complete this challenge I would have to be extremely intentional...and that has been one of my greatest problems with reading my Bible consistently...I haven't been intentional enough.  Managing two kiddos, working from home, keeping up with the house...being a procrastinator and not a great time manager...leads to way too many days when my Bible doesn't get opened.  I read the Bible through several times in a summer when I did a discipleship program in college, so I know I can complete this...and so far, days 1-4 have been great.  I love that reading the Bible is the forefront of my mind...I'm looking forward to seeing this goal through.  I'll be posting some of my thoughts and reflections here on the weekends...I hope you'll join me.

Would you consider the 90 day challenge?

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