Gluttons for punishment & a new plotter!

Hey its Brad.  Its been a while since we’ve kept in touch, but we’ve decided to do a better job keeping you in the loop.  Pinky swear! We picked up a new plotter to produce our awesome wares.  This thing is a behemoth.  It wouldn’t fit in the truck without putting the tailgate down.

Walker & new plotter

So, how do you load a almost 300 lb plotter?  With the help of 3 men.  How do you unload such a beast?  Well, there’s where it gets interesting.  Since it was only Jodi and me we decided to use ramps to roll the machine down from the truck bed.  Everything was going well with me on the ground and Jodi in the truck.  We were half-way down the ramp when Jodi apparently forgot the truck bed ran out and sort of fell out… with the plotter starting to rotate down on top of her.  Luckily, we were able to sustain a few bumps, bruises and scrapes and prevent any damage to the plotter – not so fortunate for Jodi’s legs.

Poor legs!

Until next time…

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