1 day of prep – is it worth it?

Today we’re planning on straightening up our work area, hanging a few items we’ve been putting off, and possibly reorganizing our space – all with the hopes of increased productivity/efficiency and fun.

I’ve seen this work so many times in the past and yet I still have a hard time convincing myself that its worth the time to stop and take a moment to plan and prepare.  We recently went to the Upstate Women’s Show (approx 10,000 women over 3 days) to showcase our wares.  Before we went, we took an hour or so to brainstorm the best display and make an exhaustive list of everything we needed to take. 

Yeah, it took several hours for us to talk it through and make a plan, but the rewards were awesome:  Women's show display

  • we didn’t forget anything,
  • we had an awesome looking display that got our message across,
  • we packed/unpacked in record time, and
  • we didn’t end up a lot of extraneous items that we didn’t need. 

That few hours of planning and prep saved many hours of work and TONS of stress.

Have you had a day like that lately?  I’m not talking about a vacation day or shopping for fun, this is concerted time in thought and planning – writing it down – so that your days, leisure, and work are all more productive, EASIER, and fun.

Give it a try this weekend – if it works for you, PLEASE come back and leave a comment to encourage us and others to keep it up!  Good luck.