Side benefit of cleaning up = old photos

I’ve been cleaning up some old computer files this week.  You know, consolidating, organizing, deleting (Jodi cringes)…  I ran across some old photos I hadn’t seen in awhile and thought I’d share a few with you.

Just before Cameron was born we had photos taken of the (then) three of us.  After trying some of the local studio photographers and chain photography stores we decided to try something a little different.  We had a photographer recommended to us (we later found out we both went to the same church – NewSpring) and we decided to have him meet us at a local park for pictures.  The studio thing just didn’t work for us because the kids weren’t cooperative and we always seemed to end up with posed pics that really didn’t match their personalities.  We got some awesome pics for a great price.  Walker was just over 2 yrs old at the time, and at first a little timid of this guy pointing this large camera at him (notice the Bobcat toy – a staple).


Where’s the baby under Mama’s shirt?


Saying the blessing (boy always has loved to say the blessing and sing “Everybody Ought to Know (who Jesus is).”