Announcing… photo canvas! (& Cyber Monday coupon code)

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.  I know we have so much to be thankful for.  I take it for granted all too often – its awesome to live in a country to be the first to issue a national holiday devoted to gratefulness. One of the things I’m most grateful for this season is small and local businesses.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really have a problem with a big box store – heck, I shop a lot of them, but I’ve realized more this year than ever, there is a whole other world out there beyond the few selections available at a big box.  Think about it, the typical big box carries a wide variety of items, but there may only be a couple of items in each category to choose from – enter small business.  Small businesses tend to specialize in a certain area and really explore every avenue of that segment.  For example:  we buy picture hangers from big box stores to add to our signs.  After being a little frustrated at the selection, we found a small businessman online who specializes in picture framing supplies – he has everything and a ton of sizes, colors, shapes, etc.  Sure, we can’t buy lumber, a freezer, and Christmas cookies from him – but we get a great selection of sawtooth hangers from him that the big box doesn’t carry.

One of our newest favorite places is a local Asian grocer.  We stopped by on a whim and found some of the coolest stuff. They gave us a few quick pointers on making Pad Thai – yum!  I could eat some right now.

American Express is hosting Small Business Saturday to encourage and educate folks on the benefits of small businesses.  Did you know that on average 68% of the money you spend with a small business stays in the community?  Guess who’s economy that helps?  YOURS!  and mine.

In addition to Black Friday and Small Business Saturday there’s Cyber Monday where plenty of folks shop online from home or work.  We appreciate that as well, as the vast majority of our sales are online.  In anticipation of Cyber Monday and as a big ol’ Thank You to all our peeps out there we’d like to introduce you to a new product offering we have.

PHOTO CANVAS.  A 16”x20” thing of beauty – for only $105 (plus shipping).

16"x20" photo canvas

Add a name... Add other info...

Send us your photo.  We’ll enhance it to suit your liking (child birth statistics, wedding day info, scripture verse, favorite quote, personal message …..), print it on photo canvas, and stretch it on to a 16”x20” wooden frame.  This is the kind of thing you won’t find at your big box store.  Its personal and its awesome.  We’ll send you up to 3 digital proofs before we make it for you.

Also, today through Tuesday morning 8am EST, use the code CYBERMON at our Etsy shop to save 20% on your order!  Be sure to order your canvas while you’re there!

What would you add to your favorite photo?