Sunday Night Date Night

068 Date night…such a wonderful idea, but sometimes so hard to bring to fruition.  Brad and I haven’t been very intentional about date night until recently…and it’s been such a good thing for us.  We’re really blessed that our kids spend most Sunday nights/Mondays with grandparents, which is fabulous!!   DUH!  why did it take us this long to make Sunday night date night?

Recently our destination of choice has been SideStreet Pizza in Tryon, NC – their hot wings are to.die.for.  We do lots of dreaming…talking…planning…enjoying each other & great food…it has drawn us closer together and definitely enriched our marriage.  Date night helps keep us on the same page.  Much of our business planning happens over these dates…which many would find odd, but for us, it’s so much fun…dreaming together is one of our favorite things.

How about you…do you have a regular date night? or at least a time to dream together with your honey?

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